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We help agents save their clients money by refinancing existing carrier loans at lower rates and offering unique, hassle-free solutions for personal and business cash flow needs. Here are a few of our favorite case studies. Contact us today to find out how we can help save your clients money and access the full potential of the whole life asset on their balance sheet.

Direct-to-Business Loans: Are Your Client’s Loans Tax Deductible?*

We recently worked with Kyle, an advisor at one of the nation’s leading mutual companies. Kyle has a client named Jim who runs a small cyber-security business with 25 employees in Palo Alto, California. A few years ago, Jim used his personal life ...

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Policy Holder Refinances and Saves Money: Agent Prevents Policy Lapse

When we first met with Meredith, an insurance agent, she was worried about her elderly client who had borrowed against her whole life insurance policy a few years ago to cover $500,000 in medical costs. The client was servicing $40,000 per year ...

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Using Life Insurance Liquidity to Capitalize on Business Opportunities

When Fred, a financial advisor at a large wirehouse met Kensington, one of his top clients was about to redeem nearly a quarter of a million dollars from his investment portfolio. As a real estate developer, this client needed immediate liquidity to ...

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More Cash, Same Interest Payment.

Adriana has focused her insurance practice to include the next generation and usually recommends that her clients purchase insurance for their children to lock in lower premiums and begin building cash value early. One of her relationships, which established their first insurance ...

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Cash Value Loans for College

Over the years, Richard, a financial advisor based in New York, has grown his advisory firm to include retirement and college planning. One of his clients, Jerry, requested his input with both of these topics recently, when Jerry asked Richard for ideas ...

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Prevent Policy Lapses:

Do your policies have existing loans? The interest rates on carrier loans are considerably high and may potentially cause an impact on dividend returns.* Unpaid interest can cause a policy lapse due to the compounding calculation of interest and high rates. Kensington offers affordable lending solutions to help lower costs to your client and keep your policies in force and on your books.

* Varies from carrier to carrier depending on direct
recognition and other factors

  • Leverage Liquidity:

    Are your clients using their whole life policies during their lifetime? Would your clients like a simple way to access that cash, with a potential tax deduction?*

    Your financially savvy clients are looking for creative business development strategies or ideas to enhance their personal financial growth. Start the conversation today about your clients’ future goals and how cash value lending can help them arrive at the solution they need to achieve their vision.

  • Higher Retention Rate:

    In addition to preventing policies with loans from lapsing, cash value lending provides your clients with the option to access their cash for their business or personal use, which in turn, enhances your book of business. Kensington’s cash value loan program can become a value-add for your clients that provides them the ability to quickly access the cash in their life insurance policy. Our loans are not listed on your clients’ credit, and we have developed a unique platform specifically for business owner needs.

  • Client Facing Online Platform:

    You already shuffle enough paperwork in the day, and you do not need a stack of loan documents on top of your already overflowing inbox. To make things simple for you and your client, Kensington utilizes a cutting edge online platform where your clients can sign their paperwork from their home, office, or any location with Wi-Fi. We will draft the documents and email them to your client. All you have to do is approve the structure and supply a few policy statuses.

  • Optimize Coverage:

    Cash value lending gives your clients access to an affordable source of funds they can use to buy more life insurance for themselves, their businesses, or their loved ones. Over time, our net worth changes and the amount of protection we need to secure our families and business assets increases. By using cash value lending to give your clients access to funds they can use to purchase more coverage, their assets will continually be protected as their personal and professional needs grow.

We’ve simplified cash value lending with financial technology.

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Our goal is to help you:

  • CONSERVE your business
  • CREATE new opportunities
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Why help your clients access their cash?

Personal and Trust Loans:

A cost efficient way to access the equity in your whole life policy.

  • Home Improvement
  • Family Needs
  • Investment Strategies
  • Retirement Funding
  • Your client's own personal use and enjoyment

Direct-to-Business Loans:

A tax-efficient way to unlock access to business funding using your life insurance.

  • Increased business cash flow
  • Purchasing inventory and equipment
  • Purchasing inventory and equipment
  • Purchase additional coverage
  • Other business and commercial use

Insurance Agent Consultations

We work directly with insurance agents and financial advisors, analyzing their book of business and identifying areas of opportunity. Our “who can we best help?” approach enables agents to offer money-saving cash value loans to those clients who will benefit the most from life insurance lending. It’s a winning solution that prevents policy lapses, puts more money back into your clients’ pockets, and helps agents like you provide maximum value to your policy holders.


Contact us today to have your book of business pre-approved for cash value lending. Don’t forget to ask us about our Loyalty Program!

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Simplified Underwriting and Preapproval for Your Whole Book of Business

  • Identify available cash for your clients
  • Maximize potential new opportunities for leverage
  • Optimize interest rates for existing loans
  • 100% confidentiality

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    Agent Testimonials

    We continuously operate within a client-focused culture, and with the goal of providing top-notch quality service.
    avatar Agent
    My client took a loan out on his policy a few years ago. He never paid his interest and the loan was almost as large as the cash value in the policy. The carrier wanted to cancel the policy, so I contacted Kensington and refinanced his loan. Now my client is paying monthly interest and he got to keep his coverage.
    avatar Agent
    A few of my business owner clients wanted to buy equipment and manage cash flow for their companies. I had them take a loan from the carrier, but quickly learned that interest rates were too high and my client would not be able to pay for it. After refinancing with Kensington, my clients are paying less interest and the policies are intact and performing beautifully.
    avatar Agent
    I have a client with several successful businesses who was in need of cash to invest. Kensington allowed my client to book the loan to his business and capitalize on his opportunity.
    New York
    avatar Agent
    Oftentimes I hear from my clients that they do not want their life insurance loans to appear on their credit reports. Until I learned about Kensington I thought the only options were to take a loan from the carrier or a loan from the bank, which requires a credit check. With Kensington, my clients were able to take a cash value line of credit without a credit check. The underwriting was simple, fast, and my clients loved the experience.
    avatar Agent
    I’ve been in the life insurance business for 20 years. My clients’ children have grown up and are ready for college. My client asked me about the ways he can access the cash value in his life insurance to pay for his children’s tuition. I introduced him to Kensington and they took care of all the details. All I had to do was send two policy statuses and answer a few emails. The process could not have been simpler.